Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reality Check...

This past week, I felt like I was back in college...in that I was "cramming" for a big presentation at work.  
  • 2:30AM : Put the final touches on the big powerpoint file
  • 6:30AM : Out the door to get to the meeting
  • 9:30AM : I start my presentation 
  • 10:45AM : Still talking and answering questions.  Wow, I am thinking "I am super-mom!"  I can handle the extra work, wife, mother.   I can plan birthday parties, keep track of all the presents needed for what is apparently "birthday season" among my daughter's friends.  I can keep food in the fridge and the laundry done and the house clean.  
I can do ANYTHING!
  • 11:00AM : Accept the accolades from my colleagues about how much information I was able to cover.  
  • 2:30PM : I am done with my work.  I can be there to pick up my daughter from school (something my husband usually does, he works at night so gets the afternoons with Katie).  
  • 3:00PM : I look around at the other moms parked near me, and I think, "We are amazing people, we can rule the world!"  (Did I mention I haven't had much sleep this week?)
  • 3:20PM : I wake up to knocking on the car door and my daughter's hysterical laughter and cries of "Mommy, wake up and let me in!"  Her teacher is discreetly chuckling while Katie gleefully announces "Mommy fell asleep, mommy fell asleep!"
  • 3:22PM : Well, I guess reality had to set in sometime!   But hey, my presentation is done! 
Just remember to celebrate all the moments of your life when you feel on top of the world, and quietly overlook the involuntary naps in your car in front of your child's teacher!

Monday, January 12, 2009

What were we thinking?

We have always had a great time going back to MO for the holidays, but this year, for the first time, we spent Christmas morning in our own home.  Since there was just the two of us, now three of us, up north we always traveled south for the holidays.

But this year, Katie got to put out the cookies and carrots and listen for tiny hooves on the roof at home in Michigan.  

We did, however, miss the great Schroer family gathering at Great-Grandma's house.  With 30 aunts and uncles, 40+ grandkids and 20+ great-grandkids, it gets a little crowded.  But we love it!  

Well, we were there for the "What were we thinking?" activity.  Who would have thought you could have a hayride on New Year's day?  Well, our family did.  It was a lot of fun, but I have to laugh.  We had a hayride on New Year's day, with two trucks pulling trailers all around the countryside and towns near great-grandma's house.  It could have been a quick 30 minute ride...but no.  We were out for an hour and a half (after getting stuck at a railroad crossing for 20 minutes)!  Then we were finally headed back to the bonfire.  It was above freezing, and now that we live up north we are thankful for anything above freezing, but I am not sure this one will live on to become a family tradition.  We will have to wait for next year to find out! 

Monday, January 5, 2009

After the Holidays...

First blog...a little about me.  I am a thirty-something mother of one.  My husband and I transplanted ourselves from Missouri to Michigan back when it was a good thing to work for the auto industry.  Not that I am complaining, because we are both still working and I am thankful for that, but with each day we just don't know.  Our daughter, Katie, was born here five years ago, but she has recently developed a southern accent, not sure where that came from y'all.  

Maybe it is just me but after the holidays...just for a moment, it feels like everything stops.  We usually travel for the holidays and when we get back, the day or two before we go back to work and school, we find ourselves with some actual free time.  Of course, I should use this time for packing away all of the christmas stuff and all of the new toys that one child could not possibly ever play with, and plan for the upcoming week going back to work and school.  But I just can't seem to resist just losing myself in doing nothing!  

Now it is the 5th of Jan and I have just finished unpacking from the travel and putting away the christmas ornaments and I feel like I have already fallen behind at work (of course that is pretty typical when the plans are constantly changing and the future is uncertain) and at home.
Two loads of laundry are waiting instead of just one, the dog's vet visit needs to be scheduled, ballet is starting up again, my day to help at Katie's school is already again this week, and her birthday is in four weeks and I don't know what we are going to do yet!

I don't remember our birthdays being this stressful when we were kids.  Maybe I should ask my mom!  It seemed as simple as cake, candles and a few friends at our house.  Now, should I feel like a failure as a mother if my daughter does not have an all day party at Bonkers with thirty of her closest acquaintances?  Maybe we put too much pressure on ourselves to have the best party every year, thinking that our child's every future happiness rests on the outcome of this one day.  Okay, now I sound like some obscure philosopher.  Maybe I will just stick with the cake, candles and a few friends.  At least for this year!