Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reality Check...

This past week, I felt like I was back in college...in that I was "cramming" for a big presentation at work.  
  • 2:30AM : Put the final touches on the big powerpoint file
  • 6:30AM : Out the door to get to the meeting
  • 9:30AM : I start my presentation 
  • 10:45AM : Still talking and answering questions.  Wow, I am thinking "I am super-mom!"  I can handle the extra work, wife, mother.   I can plan birthday parties, keep track of all the presents needed for what is apparently "birthday season" among my daughter's friends.  I can keep food in the fridge and the laundry done and the house clean.  
I can do ANYTHING!
  • 11:00AM : Accept the accolades from my colleagues about how much information I was able to cover.  
  • 2:30PM : I am done with my work.  I can be there to pick up my daughter from school (something my husband usually does, he works at night so gets the afternoons with Katie).  
  • 3:00PM : I look around at the other moms parked near me, and I think, "We are amazing people, we can rule the world!"  (Did I mention I haven't had much sleep this week?)
  • 3:20PM : I wake up to knocking on the car door and my daughter's hysterical laughter and cries of "Mommy, wake up and let me in!"  Her teacher is discreetly chuckling while Katie gleefully announces "Mommy fell asleep, mommy fell asleep!"
  • 3:22PM : Well, I guess reality had to set in sometime!   But hey, my presentation is done! 
Just remember to celebrate all the moments of your life when you feel on top of the world, and quietly overlook the involuntary naps in your car in front of your child's teacher!

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