Monday, January 12, 2009

What were we thinking?

We have always had a great time going back to MO for the holidays, but this year, for the first time, we spent Christmas morning in our own home.  Since there was just the two of us, now three of us, up north we always traveled south for the holidays.

But this year, Katie got to put out the cookies and carrots and listen for tiny hooves on the roof at home in Michigan.  

We did, however, miss the great Schroer family gathering at Great-Grandma's house.  With 30 aunts and uncles, 40+ grandkids and 20+ great-grandkids, it gets a little crowded.  But we love it!  

Well, we were there for the "What were we thinking?" activity.  Who would have thought you could have a hayride on New Year's day?  Well, our family did.  It was a lot of fun, but I have to laugh.  We had a hayride on New Year's day, with two trucks pulling trailers all around the countryside and towns near great-grandma's house.  It could have been a quick 30 minute ride...but no.  We were out for an hour and a half (after getting stuck at a railroad crossing for 20 minutes)!  Then we were finally headed back to the bonfire.  It was above freezing, and now that we live up north we are thankful for anything above freezing, but I am not sure this one will live on to become a family tradition.  We will have to wait for next year to find out! 

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